Brass Brass Armed with Ardor Angel Rose #1

Armed with Ardor Angel Rose #1

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About The Artisan
Armed with Ardor

Armed With Ardor is wearable art; each creation has a title which serves as a symbol for the properties of a stone it incorporates. It draws inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi; raw yet meticulously crafted by hand, each piece is unique. It is a meditation on form and essence, hard angles and fluidity, the raw and the refined, and a spiritual dialogue between feminine and masculine, stellar and earthly, the inner and the outer. It is a tribute to the Great Mystery and the Divine Spirit within each of us, as unique and special as each stone created by nature. The pieces are not premeditated but inspired and dictated by the energy and character of each individual stone. Armed With Ardor is a collection of symbols, objects for incantation of rituals and memories, and facilitators of inspiration and discovery, grounding and guidance, protection and healing. 

  • One-of-a-kind Rose Quartz Crystal on Vintage Brass Chain
  • Handcrafted by Armed with Ardor 
  • Please take care of your jewelry pieces as you would care for works of art. It is recommended to handle them carefully to protect from possible chipping, which may occur by collision with hard surfaces. Please avoid wearing AWA pendants and rings next to sharp metal jewelry. It is not advisable to wear the pieces while exercising, showering, or swimming.  
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