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Flat Patchwork & Fringe Crossbody Bag

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Pascale Théard

Pascale Théard, was born and raised in in Port-au-Prince and at the age of 14, chose to continue her studies in Paris, France. Her life bears the mark of a dual culture. From her father, a Haitian art connoisseur, she was surrounded by painters and artists, Pascale was  deeply  touched  by  the  mysterious  country  of Haiti and  its  creativity.  From  her  French mother, whose family’s leather factory was established in 1827, she inherited the love for beautifully tanned leather and the wonderful “savoir-faire” that transforms simple animal leather.

Fascinated by the magic of leather and artistry, she  discovered  at  a  very  early  age  a  passion  for  shoes  and  their  complex  structures. In 2008 she created  her  brand  eponymous Pascale  Theard  Creations”  where  she  designs  her footwear, bags and leather accessories. She admires Haitian artisans whose unique “know how” comes right in tune with her vision when it comes to the concepts and ambiance she  tries  to  create  through  her  work,  making  it  natural  for  her  to  collaborate  with them.

Pascale Théard