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Grazia Fortuna Ward Black & Gold Thick Stripe Cuff


About The Artist
Grazia Fortuna Ward
“When I see and experience something I like, I taste it. The inspiration to create rises from my need to give form and unfold the shapes and colors I feel.”

- Grazia Fortuna Ward

Art is a family tradition for Grazia Fortuna Ward. Born in Vicenza, where she lives and works part of the year, Grazia spends the other in the US, confronting with the contemporary avant-garde.

After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, Grazia Fortuna Ward dedicates her life to painting: an artistic journey that begins with the figurative and tonal realism and moves towards an abstract and informal style in the 90's.

She creates environmental dimension works for studios and private homes and collaborates with collectors and architects for settings and locations. Among them, the projects with famous architect Alvaro Siza stand like a remarkable moment of Grazia’s artistic experience.

The transition from painting to jewelry creation is sealed by the cooperation of Grazia Fortuna Ward with the Guggenheim Foundation in Venice. Back then, the extraordinary story of “Art to Wear” has its start.

Grazia Fortuna Ward 

  • Black and Gold Stripe mixed media cuff
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